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Posted by stephanie@showtimerealtyflorida.com on March 14, 2023

Showtime Realty holds in person & virtual weekly meetings in their classroom.

At Showtime Realty, we understand that staying connected is crucial for busy real estate agents.

That’s why we hold weekly business meetings both in person and virtually. Consider our large comfortable classroom your home where you can sit and relax, have coffee, and chat with the broker and your colleagues in person and on screen.

Our hybrid approach ensures that agents can stay engaged and informed, no matter where they are.

With the rise of virtual communication, it’s more important than ever to have virtual ways to connect.

We also know that many agents still crave a physical workspace where they can meet clients or attend classes. That’s why we offer the best of both worlds with our brick-and-mortar office and virtual meeting options.

At Showtime Realty, we believe that staying connected is the key to success in real estate, and we’re dedicated to providing our agents with the tools they need to thrive.

Showtime Realty's classroom hosts both in-person and virtual meetings weekly


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to achieve the goal. 


Using goals to determine
 focused action for results.


Top negotiation skills. Sales, management 
and market expertise. 


Where competence meets care.
We are your real estate agents for life.

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