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Showtime Realty is the ideal company to start or build your real estate career. Read on to learn how we ensure our associates reach their full potential and have the support they need to reach their goals.

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Showtime Realty focuses on results. Transactions drive real estate. We are in it to win.  Agents that do whatever it takes to assist clients to their goals at the closing table, achieve the win for clients and a deep level of personal satisfaction. 

Results driven agents who want more find it at Showtime Realty.  Agents called to achieve real estate transactions are deeply rewarded and find their perfect fit with us.  Look at our success.  Our top agents find excitement and  passion in the transaction.

At Showtime Realty, we teach our associates how to build phenomenal careers. Our agents not only succeed in their work lives, but have personal lives rich in abundance. This starts with results driven real estate.

Showtime Realty seeks those agents that love the game of profit and transactions. That’s where we find the agents that stay in the business. Our top agents know that transactions are empowering and life changing. 

Looking for results?
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We know that when a person is choosing to buy or sell a home, they choose the PERSON not the COMPANY. 

At Showtime Realty we know that the best agents are trained with both integrity & the skills to get results.

Agents choose a Broker of strong character that they relate to, not a name. Showtime Realty Broker, Anna Lee Williams is a top performer and still closes 50+ deals each year. She is in relationship with our agents who are achieving their goals, wishes, plans and dreams. 

Showtime Realty agents and staff develop relationships with clients that establish clients for life! An example of this is a new client who developed a relationship with Showtime Realty and to date has closed five transactions with a volume of over 3 million dollars through Showtime Realty. 

Agents are held accountable on their journey. It’s not just about selling houses. Showtime Realty leadership is present to agents to fulfill their life’s purpose. 

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CUSTOM BRANDING: This outstanding professional leverage is our immediate gift to agents.  Showtime Realty creates an unforgettable first impression. Our branded agents outshine the competition. Our marketing expert completes agent branding across all the major social media platforms including, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and more. Our agents have an advantage. Our agents have their best foot forward from the beginning. Our marketing is consistent and professional which gives clients confidence in you.

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Administration is available to assist you to master secure cloud based system so agents can close transactions from anywhere at anytime. Support is never more than a phone call away. Templates are available with questionnaires, scripts, packets, handouts at no cost to agents. Third-party compliance review ensures your paperwork is completed correctly and your contracts close properly and as smoothly as possible.


Showtime realty agents are given the best proven lead generation systems.  We generate leads for results. 

Our social media marketing system for  leads is based on research. When systematically implemented, agents see results.

Showtime Realty partners with Bank of America, other lenders and for lead generation sources, providing leads to agents at no cost.

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Showtime Realty is in the top 15% in units closed for 2021!


Showtime Agents love their brokerage

Broker Anna Lee Williams brings her experience with success along with many other talented leaders and invest in the real estate agents at Showtime Realty.

Here, real estate is not only about selling properties. Here, real estate is about touching lives and developing leaders.

Our purpose is to ensure we are creating good results that are a blessing for people in the world. Anna Lee says, “I believe in developing you so that you achieve what you want, need, desire, dream, hope, and pray for in your life and lead others whose lives are touched by you and our company to results that matter and make a truly good difference in the world. We achieve that one real estate transaction at a time.”


We have a Culture to Believe In. Our agents live lives in abundance. By working together, we all achieve more.

What are you passionate about?

Our agents understand Legacy. Showtime Realty is a legacy partner with our agents.



Are you ready for the next step in your real estate career path?

Anna Lee Williams, Broker, P.A - Showtime Realty

  • More time
  • More money 
  • Legacy opportunities like mentoring and teaching others.
  • More passive income streams
  • More leads

Is your career getting you to your life goals?

Showtime realty teaches agents how to earn and live their best life


Abound at Showtime Realty. “Broker Tuesdays” are full days scheduled for workshops and seminars to propel agents into production and increase knowledge.  

We cultivate a tight relationship with our vendors. Our agents have an army of real estate related experts from day one. 

Knowledge is power. Agents who can educate prospects and clients with confidence, emerge as real estate industry leaders. 

Showtime Realty agents experience the best trainers in the world today available outside of our brokerage. Past seminars include: Tony Robbins; Scott Gass; Jeff Henderson; Jeff Glover; Gary Keller; John Maxwell; Sarita Dua and more. Bi-annually agents and staff travel as a group to learn from the industry leaders.

Showtime aligns with excellence learning from industry leaders

Agent Testimonials

Anna is a giant with unlimited room on her shoulders. Her vision for others is bigger than others can see for themselves. Her strength is that she uses words to elevate us. She is uplifting.
-C. Mochi

She leads in a way that I have never been led before. Genuineness in leadership sets her apart and it’s why you are successful. Refreshing perspective. Ability to stay grounded in the face of hardship is enormous. Your behavior was unforgettable to me, the way you handled a huge problem was unforgettable and I thank you. 
-M. Godio

Anna is a person of force within the company. She is supportive. If asked to back me up, there is no doubt she will. Her level of dedication is so rare. It’s so rare to actually have a leader be there. I have had a lot of bosses. I can call you if I need help. The amount of time put into us is an advantage. The way you give of your time and intelligence is rare.
– M. Keenan

Anna always smiles, she is always happy. and always has energy. She expresses things with her hands and energy that make people think “We can do it!” I have to make time to go to the brokerage on Broker’s Tuesday because when I do, I feel great.    
-S. Maruri

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